Protected Eyes. Comfortable Ears.

Flying Eyes Sunglasses: Your ears will thank you

Revolutionary, patented, convertible sunglasses for all your adventures with a headset or helmet!


Sometimes you need to wear a headset or helmet at work or at play. If you also wear sunglasses, you know the pain from the temples digging in under the pressure of your headgear. No one needs those dents in the sides of their head. We have the answer: Flying Eyes Sunglasses. Revolutionary sunglasses with multiple, interchangeable sides that are comfortable with…well, whatever else you’re wearing on your head!

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Flying Eyes features

Patented comfort

Flying Eyes Sunglasses are designed to be worn with a headset or helmet.
Unlike all other sunglasses, the soft, thin, non-elastic strap on Flying Eyes is unnoticeable between your head and your headgear so there is no pressure or pain, even after a long day of use. The design is so unique and so comfortable, we were recently granted a patent for it.


Standard temples are included with your glasses to swap with the strap. Remove the strap, snap in the regular temples, wear them all day. Swap the regular temples for our new micro-thin temples when you wear a helmet. Flying Eyes are ideal in the cockpit or while riding a motorcycle, but are also stylish enough to wear anywhere else. Made of lightweight, unbreakable Resilamide, the frames can survive any adventure you have.

Shatterproof and scratch resistant

We’ve used the best polycarbonate lenses available, which means they are shatterproof for safety and decentered (optically correct — no distortion anywhere!) for crystal clear vision. The lenses are coated to help resist scratches so you can comfortably use these glasses professionally on a daily basis and still get many years of use.

If your vision requires a prescription, we’re happy to say that Flying Eyes can be made in your prescription!