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All of our accessories have a flat $5 shipping price, up to $150 in products. Use the links below to jump to a category if you know what you're looking for.


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Replacement Lenses 

Need to replace your Flying Eyes lenses? Choose your frames and the lenses you'd like. 
You can watch a video on how to replace them yourself HERE.

If you'd rather have us replace them for you, send us a message at and coordinate sending us your glasses. When we receive them, we'll message you to order your desired replacement lenses. We'll replace them for you and send the glasses back.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: While our lenses are all replaceable, they are not interchangeable. Repeatedly removing and reinstalling lenses will, over time, wear down your frame. This sort of frame damage is not covered by our lifetime warranty. 


Golden Eagle Lenses 


Kestrel Aviator Lenses


Osprey Lenses


Kingfisher Lenses


Kestrel Titanium Lenses

These lenses are for the original Kestrel Titanium frame.
Lenses for our redesigned Kestrel Aviator (made from Resilamide) can be found HERE.


Cooper Titanium Lenses


Hawk Convertible Lenses 


View-Limiting Device

Cases and Cleaning Cloths

Hawk Convertible Parts

These parts of for the newer version of the Hawk Convertible, which has top and bottom release buttons on the cinch instead of a single release.
If you're not sure which version you have, Contact Us for help.

Original Hawk Parts

These parts of for the original version of the Hawk Convertible, which has a single release button on the cinch.
If you're not sure which version you have, Contact Us for help.

Branded Merch

We are happy to offer branded merch! A wide variety of clothing, decorations, and accessories is available on our RedBubble store.
Click HERE to view those products.