Care and use


Use only the included microfiber bag and water to clean your Flying Eyes sunglasses.

Use with the strap and cinch on Hawk Frames

For maximum comfort, check the headstrap to make sure that it’s untwisted and the hinges are straight. FlyingEyesCinch_light-150x150FlyingEyesCinch_strong-150x150

Flying Eyes Hawk Frames include two different types of cinch for the headstrap. The default Lightweight Cinch is suitable for most cockpit environments. Your headset really holds the headstrap in place and the cinch is just there to keep the excess on the back of your head. If you will be using the headstrap without a headset or helmet we suggest that you use the included Strong Cinch.

Changing from the Lightweight to the Strong Cinch is easy. First, remove the Lightweight Cinch, by pressing the button and sliding it off the strap. Then take a short length of safety wire, an un-bent paper clip or a wire twist-tie and push it through the opening of the Strong Cinch while pressing on the Cinch Button. Once it’s through, attach the webbing to the wire and then pull them both through the Cinch. Remove the wire and you are ready to go.

Converting between straps and temples

Flying Eyes Hawk Version Two

Simply press the top and bottom buttons on each side to remove the strap or temple connection. When adding the straps, the attachments are unidirectional and have an arrow on the inside that will point up when on the correct side.

Flying Eyes Hawk Version One


To install the temples, remove the headstrap by pressing the release tab on the inside of the hinges. Then the temples simply click into place. Switching back to the headstrap uses the same steps. The release tab may be stiff the first couple of times you switch, but it will become easier with use.

NOTE: The inner side of the right hinge and strap have a raised ridge to help you quickly reattach the strap properly.


Do not leave your Flying Eyes sunglasses on the dashboard of a car or the glare shield of an airplane.

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