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Indoor Blue-Blocking Glasses

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Many of our frames are now available with amber, blue-blocking lenses for indoor use! Our thin, flexible temple technology allows our glasses to be worn comfortably under all types of headsets, including those used for gaming, music production and emersive listening, sensory dampering, and more. Reduce eye fatigue and headache pain without sacrificing the noise cancellation of your over-ear headphones or your own comfort!

These lightly-tinted amber lenses are 50% blue blocking.

Flying Eyes temples wrap smoothly around your head and do not wrap around/behind your ears. This means you can easily slide them on or off while wearing any helmet or headset.

Each set of Flying Eyes eyewear comes with its own protective case and a soft, microfiber cleaning cloth/bag. And like all Flying Eyes eyewear, they are prescription compatible.

Want to know what makes our frames special?

  • Micro-thin Resilamide™ temples are 1mm thin for ultimate comfort and functionality
  • Temples that wrap around your head; not around your ears
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate safety lenses that block 100% UV light, which keep your eyes safe
  • Prescription compatible

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