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Aviation101 Noise Comparison

Josh didn't have his contacts and had to wear normal eyeglasses for a flight! He discusses the dramatic reduction in sound when he has his Flying Eyes, even compared to the relative thinness of his glasses.

It's hilarious how much I got used to Flying Eyes. [With these] it's irritatingly loud, but with the Flying Eyes, I don't get that. Lesson learned!

LewDix Aviation Review

Lew decides whether or not Flying Eyes sunglasses have earned the hype (and his affiliation).

An hour of flying, no pain whatsoever. These sunglasses are a revelation. These are the solution to the problem I've been having... so Flying Eyes, you've done well. — LewDix

Taking Off Review

Christy Wong (@pilotchristy) and Dan Millican (@takingoffdan) take a real world look at the Flying Eyes sunglasses…

They are the real deal and we both highly recommend them. — Taking Off

Social Flight

We never thought that something like sunglasses could have such an impact on our flying comfort…

Aviation Week 

Article about UV Exposure at high altitudes, explaining the necessity of sunglasses, especially those that do not interfere with other flight gear.

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