About Our Lenses


While the focus of our mission is on frames that fit comfortably and seamlessly under headsets and helmets,
we also want to make sure that we're offering quality lenses that are SafeClear, and True to Color.


*Please excuse our mess. This page is currently being updated to provide as much up-to-date and accurate information as possible!*


Lens Catalog

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Where information is available, the VLT (visual light transmittance) of the lens is provided. 

Golden Eagle Sport - Matte Black Frame with Clear Lenses

Clear (CLR)

Golden Eagle Sport - Matte Black Frame with Gradient Gray Lenses

Gradient Gray (GGT)
VLT: 15.20% (8.43% at top)

Golden Eagle Sport - Glossy Black Frame with Solid Gray Lenses

Solid Gray (SGT)
VLT: 10.31%

Golden Eagle Sport - Glossy Black Frame with Polarized Gray Lenses

Polarized Solid Gray (PGT)

Golden Eagle Sport - Satin Tortoise Frame with Gradient Copper Lenses

Gradient Copper (GCT)
VLT: 14.59% (10.61% at top)

Golden Eagle Sport - Satin Tortoise Frame with Solid Copper Lenses

Solid Copper (SCT)

Golden Eagle Sport - Matte Black Frame with Mirrored Sapphire Lenses

Mirrored Sapphire (SSP)
VLT: 12.65%


Mirrored Sunset (MGP)
*Neutral Gray interior view - photo to come*
VLT: 14.94%

Golden Eagle Sport - Matte Black Frame with Yellow Lenses

Yellow (YLW)



All of our lenses are made of shatterproof polycarbonate and are 100% UV-blocking (even the clear and yellow ones).

GIF of smiling pilot in a plane demonstrating Golden Eagle Sports being removed and put back on without moving their headset


Studies have shown that fewer and fewer pilots are wearing sunglasses in the cockpit, despite an increased risk of ultraviolet damage due to the correlation between altitude and UV intensity, because most sunglasses simply hurt after a while under a headset. Our glasses can be worn for hours under an ANR headset, and not only will you finally not experience temple pain, but you also won't compromise the noise-cancelling capabilities of your headset. Our 1mm thin, hyper-flexible temples can be comfortably removed and re-applied while wearing a tight headset and they won't break the seal created by your headset's earcups.
Finally - a quiet and comfortable flight.


Motorcyclists face a similar issue: Many don't wear sunglasses because it's hard to find pairs that will fit under a well-fitted helmet. For many, it's just easier to buy a tinted face shield for UV protection, but we know we happens when the sun goes down: that shield gets flipped up so they can see. Obviously this puts riders at risk of bug and debris strikes to the eyes and face. Our microthin temples fit easily and comfortably inside your helmet, and all of our frames are prescription compatible. 
Keep your clear face shield and leave the tinting to us!

Close-up of serious motorcyclist wearing Kingfisher sunglasses inside of their helmet



We strive to provide lenses with excellent clarity without sacrificing durability or color accuracy. Glass tends to be fragile, so we use shatterproof polycarbonate for all of our lenses. 



We're proud to be able to offer you a variety of lens colors to fit your preferences. Even our colored mirror lenses offer true color vision to the wearer for maximum efficacy and accuracy. 

The following image shows our Mirrored Sapphire lenses with a vibrant blue outward color and a neutral tint on the inside. 

GIF of Mirrored Sapphire Kingfisher sunglasses spinning on a turntable to demonstrate lens color from both sides