Instant View Limiting Device



Instant view-limiting device for IFR training! Unique, reusable, non-adhesive, vinyl cling view-limiters for IFR practice flying and instrument training.

Instant View Limiting Devices

Unique, reusable, static-cling view-limiting devices, custom-made to fit Flying Eyes sunglasses. No more fumbling between sunglasses and old-fashioned, uncomfortable solutions when going in and out of clouds — these apply directly to the lenses of Hawk sunglasses for easy-to-use view-limiting devices for instrument training.

How to use our View Limiting Devices

Remove them from the reusable backing and place them on your Flying Eyes Hawk Sunglasses to block out all extraneous viewing beyond the instrument panel. When you need to have your full field of vision again, they peel off instantly, leaving no residue, and will stick to your cockpit window until you’re on the ground and can stow them away properly, on the reusable backing sheet, which will fit in your Flying Eyes zippered case. Easy solution for instrument training and IFR practice!

Additional information

Weight 0.04 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × .01 in