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Flying Eyes are optimized and work great with a variety of activity types because we understand that sunglasses aren't catch-all. 

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Polarized lenses aren't recommended for pilots due to the angle of light blocking they provide by design. Unfortunately that blocked angle often makes your instrument panel hard (or even impossible) to read. Luckily, we don't need polarization to block 100% of UV light, even with our clear and lightly tinted lenses. Gradient lenses are recommended for pilots so it's even easier to read your instruments.

Two helicopters pilots wearing sunglasses and headsets looking out the windows



Polarized lenses also aren't recommended for motorcycles since they can make it more difficult to see other vehicles or road obstructions. We recommend solid tint lenses, to provide full shade coverage, for motorcycling and other motorsports.

Two motorcyclists wearing sunglasses inside their helmets looking at each other from their bikes.



While polarized lenses don't work well for pilots, they're great for cutting the glare coming off the water while boating/fishing and making sure your eyes are protected when there isn't much shade.

Person wearing a Flying Eyes ball cap and Kingfisher sunglasses stands in front of a race track with people on the track.