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For retailer inquiries to find out more about Flying Eyes, a luxury eyewear company that designs and engineers glasses specifically to fit comfortably when worn with a helmet or headphones, please use the contact form below, or reach out to us by email ( or phone (+1-512-213-1390).

The New Comfort Standard in Eyewear

Traditional frames are designed to rest on your nose and wrap behind your ears. With composite materials and standard materials used by most eyewear companies, this is the only way to keep the glasses in place.

Without compromising integrity, Flying Eyes has designed patented frames that are extremely lightweight and comfortable, with micro-thin temples made from Resilamide™. This arrangement reduces the pain caused by wearing a helmet or hearing aid at the same time wearing glasses.

We continually hear from our customers that Flying Eyes reduce and even eliminate pressure pain from wearing a helmet or headphones with their glasses. Additionally, noise-canceling headsets are more efficient when wearing Flying Eyes rather than traditional eyewear, because the temples are micro-thin; reducing noise leaks.

Contact us, and find out why Flying Eyes are the most comfortable sunglasses in the world, when wearing a helmet or headset.


Flying Eyes Customer Service:

1-512-213-2390 between the hours of 9am-5pm PST.
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