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Buy Prescription Flying Eyes Online

Flying Eyes is excited to announce that we can now fill prescription lenses for US customers! While we will always recommend you have them done locally to save on time and cost, we understand that that's not always an option, and that's where we come in!

We do not accept insurance, so if you're needing to use vision benefits, check out the Local Rx Lenses page for a map of partnered opticians and a step-by-step guide to having your prescription done locally (if you don't have a partner near you). 

Prescription lens orders are final. If you're dissatisfied with the frame, we're happy to issue a partial refund for that frame return. We cannot refund prescription lenses, though if there's something wrong with your lenses when they arrive, please let us know within 30 days so we can fix them for you. 

Please note: While our lab is great at handling strong prescriptions, especially in high-wrap frames, diopters greater than +/- 3.00 may take longer than normal due to the complex nature of making an undistorted lens for a wrapped (sunglass) frame.

How It Works

1. Order the pair you like HERE, including the frame style, type of prescription (single vision, lined bifocal, or progressive bifocal), and tinting preferences. These choices will affect the price of your glasses.

2. After checkout, fill out the Prescription Entry form (that form is also found HERE). You may either enter the Rx information manually or upload a photo/file. Please do not send us your original prescription. If you need to send a physical copy, please be sure you have a backup. An email or form entry guarantees your prescription does not get lost.

3. We will immediately send you your chosen frames with clear, plastic "demo" lenses installed. When they arrive, adjust them on your face where they'll sit and stay comfortably then follow the instructions on the included pamphlet to mark your pupils. It's best to have someone else do this while you look into the distance, but you can do it yourself in front of a mirror. (TIP: Focus on something "past" the mirror or person helping you to ensure your pupils are aligned correctly, as this will affect the usefulness of your prescription.)

4. Once you've marked your pupils, use the included return shipping label to send them back to us. And now the waiting begins!

5. We will measure your pupil distance and ocular height when they arrive back at our headquarters and order your lenses right away. The rest of the process takes approximately 2-3 weeks once we receive your marked lenses. We'll keep you updated based on the contact preferences you choose on the Prescription Entry form. 

Contact Us
if you have any questions about this process or if you have a special request for your order. If you are not in the USA and you're interested in having us make your lenses, please contact us so we can discuss your options!