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Try On Procedure and Policies

We are excited to be able to offer potential customers the opportunity to try different styles and sizes of our eyewear to find the right fit and test our claims! To ensure your try-on process goes smoothly, please be sure to read and understand the following.


How It Works:

  1. Pick your try-on kit. We offer two sunglasses kits (Prescription and Regular) and one ophthalmic/eyeglasses kit. Add the relevant kit(s) to your cart for $30 each and check out. Make sure you've created and are logged into your account, as the $30 charge per kit is added a store credit to your account and will be subtracted from the cost of the pair you ultimately decide to buy. Please note: This charge is not refundable, as it covers the cost of sending you this kit. 

  2. You will have one week once the shipment is marked as delivered to try them on and send them back. Try-on boxes not in shipment after one week may result in your card or PayPal account being charged the full amount of all 4 pairs. Please let us know if you just need some more time to test them out!

  3. If you order one of the prescription kits and would like to have prescription lenses made by Flying Eyes, use the included Prescription Marking Instructions and provided demo lenses to mark your pupil locations directly on the clear demo lenses of your chosen pair(s) before sending them back. Go ahead and do this if you think you may want to buy such a pair later, and we'll keep your measurements on file so you don't have to start over later! Let us know if you have any issues or questions about this part, and we'll be happy to assist. 

  4. Use the enclosed return shipping label to send the try-on pairs back to us. If you decide to buy, you'll get a brand new pair and the included kit (zippered hard case, microfiber bag/cloth for storage and cleaning, an informational card, and a Flying Eyes sticker). The pairs we send are not disposable and they are not the final product. You MUST send the entire kit and its contents back to us in excellent condition.

  5. You will receive a $30 store credit after purchasing a try-on box. If you make a purchase on the same account, the price you paid for the try-on will be automatically removed as long as you are logged in to the account created for checkout. (Reminder that the $30 charge for this item is non-refundable once your try-on box has been shipped.

  6. Prescription or otherwise, we will complete your order once we've received your kit back, and you'll have a brand new pair and full care kit to call your own! Blue skies, tailwinds, and a quiet, comfortable ride!

**Unfortunately we cannot ship try-on kits to non-US addresses due to the high cost of shipping, both in postage and customs fees. We're very sorry for the inconvenience. Please use our Find A Store page to see if there is an international retailer near you where you can try on pairs!**