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Eyeglasses Try On Kit

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We understand that buying eyeglasses online is a risk, so we've provided this try-on kit option for US customers who are unable to visit one of our retailers with the entire line in stock!

How It Works:

  • The Eyeglasses box will include all 4 ophthalmic options. 
    • It will also include one magnetic clip-on per frame (two in gradient gray and two in solid gray)

  • You will have one week once the shipment is marked as delivered to try them on and send them back. Try-on boxes not in active return shipment after one week may result in your card or PayPal account being charged the full amount of all 4 pairs. Please let us know if you just need some more time to test them out!

  • If you choose a pair to purchase, use the including Prescription Marking Instructions to mark your pupil locations directly on the clear demo lenses of your chosen pair before returning them.

  • Use the enclosed return shipping label to send all pairs back to us (we'll send you a brand new pair with all of the included kit items if you decide to purchase).

  • You will receive a $30 store credit after purchasing a try-on box. If you decide to order a pair, the price you paid for the try-on will be automatically removed as long as you are logged in to the account created for checkout.

The $30 charge for this item is non-refundable once your try-on box has been shipped.

**Unfortunately we cannot ship try-on kits to non-US addresses due to the high cost of shipping, both in postage and customs fees. We're very sorry for the inconvenience. Please use our Find A Store page to see if there is an international retailer near you where you can try on pairs!**

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