Flying Eyes Sunglasses

Flying Eyes sunglasses soar above the rest  – See why!

For Pilots

Flying Eyes are named that way because they were originally designed for pilots! Whether you’re a recreational or commercial pilot, our sunglasses will enhance your experience in the cockpit.

For Motorcyclists

Thanks to our micro-thin temple set, Flying Eyes are so comfortable that you’ll actually forget you’re wearing sunglasses with your helmet.

For Everyone

First responders, pit crews, equestians, and surgeons alike rave about the comfort and function of Flying Eyes sunglasses.

Quieter and more comfortable headsets

Thanks to a better seal between the headset and your head, your noise-canceling headsets will be quieter. No more noise leaks! And, with the strap and cinch option, you may actually forget that you’re wearing them, even after a long day of flying. Once you’re done, you can quickly switch the strap and cinch for standard temples and use Flying Eyes outside of the cockpit.

Enhanced vision

Many sunglasses are polarized, which can interfere with viewing LCD screens on the instrument panel or PDA, and even looking through plastic aircraft windows. All of our lenses offer a medium density, neutral gray tint which is dark enough to remove glare from the brightest and haziest days, but not so dark that you can’t easily see in the cockpit.

Multiple Lens Options

Only Flying Eyes offers different lens options that are helpful to pilots. This includes non-prescription bifocals, gradient tint lenses, and even prescription lenses. Choose the lens that best suits your needs. And, our lenses are interchangeable in the frame! If you’d like to switch to another version, you can do so quite easily by ordering a different set of lenses.

The most comfortable sunglasses for helmets

Thanks to our micro-thin temple set, Flying Eyes are so comfortable that you’ll actually forget you’re wearing sunglasses with your helmet.

Convertible convenience and durability

Once you’re done riding, you can quickly switch the micro-thin temple set for the standard temples, and wear them as you would any other sunglasses. Plus, thanks to the Resilamide frames and polycarbonate lenses, you can expect Flying Eyes to hold up under extreme conditions.

** Only Hawk style Flying Eyes sunglasses have this feature.

First choice for first responders

When you’re responding to an emergency, you don’t need distractions. When you wear Flying Eyes sunglasses, you’ll forget they’re there. They will stay on no matter what the circumstance, and are the most comfortable sunglasses a first responder can wear with a headset!

Jump to the next level with Flying Eyes

You wouldn’t let your horse enter the ring with a burr under the saddle. Don’t let yourself enter the ring with ordinary sunglasses. When you want to be at your best, don’t settle for anything but the best eyewear! Flying Eyes sunglasses are the most comfortable sunglasses available for use with an equestrian helmet.

Why wait any longer?

Get Flying Eyes sunglasses today – you won’t believe your eyes!

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