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Ultimate comfort, whatever the adventure


Micro thin temples

Comfortable to wear under headsets and helmets without pressure or pain, no matter how long you wear them.

Uncommon material

Made from Resilamide™ — an uncommon, rather expensive, aerospace polymer — which allows us to engineer our frames to be unbelievably thin and light, while also virtually unbreakable.

Precision lenses

Our lightweight, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses offer optimum optical clarity and UV400 protection.

Just you and the adventure

and your Flying Eyes sunglasses, but you’ll forget you’re wearing those.


Featured Sunglasses

What makes our sunglasses unique?

Dean Siracusa, a pilot for over 20 years, designed Flying Eyes sunglasses specifically to be worn under headsets.

The combination of sleek design and technological ingenuity make Flying Eyes sunglasses so comfortable — even under headsets and helmets, and even on your longest day — you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

Discover our remarkable frames

Fans of Flying Eyes

“The ultrathin temples are a mere 0.9 mm thick, and because the frames are feather-light, yet strong and flexible, they don’t dig into the top of the ears… [and] can be worn for hours without creating pressure points or discomfort”

Pia Bergqvist

Pilot/Editor, Flying Magazine

“I do not have a large windshield on my bike and I prefer to ride with my face shield up, leaving my sunglasses as my only source of eye protection. The Golden Eagles performed beautifully.”

David Allen

Pilot / Motorcyclist

“Flying Eyes sunglasses are perfect for the cockpit. The non-polarized lenses with UV400 protection and medium lens density protect your eyes and ensure you can use your in-cockpit gadgets with ease.”

Todd McClamroch

Pilot/Editor, MyFlightBlog



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