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No pain or noise leakage

Microthin temples make our glasses comfortable to wear under headsets and helmets, no matter how long you wear them, while ear pads wrap completely around the millimeter thick material, enabling virtually zero noise leakage.

Features of Flying Eyes ComfortStyle Frames

Virtually unbreakable

Made from Resilamide™ — an uncommon, rather expensive, aerospace polymer — which allows us to engineer our frames to be unbelievably thin and light, while also virtually unbreakable.

Optimum optical clarity

Our lightweight, impact and scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses offer optimum optical clarity and 100% UV400 protection with a multitude of lense choices, including polarized or non-polarized.

“This was the first time, during a race, that I wasn’t distracted by my sunglasses. I could just focus on the race. Thanks Flying Eyes!” 


Michael Steiger — Jet Class Race Pilot Grand Champion, Reno Air Races

“Flying Eyes have ultra-slim Resilamide temples that flex to faithfully follow the contours of your head while wearing a helmet. There’s nothing else like them!” 


Matthew Miles — Editor, Cycle World Magazine

“Flying Eyes receives the Gear of the Year award for two years in a row!”


Aviation Consumer Magazine

“Flying Eyes slide effortlessly into your helmet or under your headset. There is no resistance when putting them on. They are pain-free and easy to use.” 


Mark Vaughn — Editor, AutoWeek Magazine

“Thanks to their ultra-thin and flexible temples, only Flying Eyes can be worn for hours under my headset without causing pain or noise leaks.” 


Pia Bergqvist — Pilot & Editor, Flying Magazine

“Temples which don’t interfere at all with my headset! So comfortable that I can fly all day with them and even forget I’m wearing them.”


Bryan Rose — Pilot, Fat Tire Cowboys

“Amazing comfort … originally reserved them for flying, but I’m now using them skiing and mountain biking too!”


Scott Kaiserman — Pilot

“I’ve not found another pair of glasses that sits as comfortably under my headset as my Flying Eyes! So comfortable, I often forget I’m wearing them!”


J.A. — Captain, US Air Force, 15th Special Ops Squadron

“Wearing any other brand is a struggle with a full face helmet. Only Flying Eyes can do the job right.”


Dave Brown — Motorcycle Industry Professional

“I’ve been wearing these sunglasses for a while now — and have been nothing less than completely satisfied with them. Light. Comfortable. Perfect balance of shade and visibility. And I love the durability.”


Joe Nelson — Pilot

Microthin temples for hours of noise-free comfort

Traditional glasses have rather thick temples (the pieces that go over your ears), creating both a painful and noisy experience for anyone forced to wear tight fitting headsets for hours at a time, including pilots and their ground crews, race pit crews and their fans, hunters and gun enthusiasts, etc. Flying Eyes glasses were designed to completely eliminate these problems.  As a result, they’re so light and comfortable that many users often forget they’re wearing them.

Thin, strong and resilient temples flex into your helmet

Modern helmets fit tight around the head almost to your cheek. Without Resilamide, Flying Eye’s patented material for use with eye glasses, no other temples are strong and thin enough to flex into the helmet to allow for comfortable wear.

Uncompromised quality, guaranteed for a lifetime

From their virtually unbreakable material to their lightweight design to their impact resistant, ultra high clarity, 100% UV400 protection lenses, no expense has been spared to make Flying Eyes glasses the best available. If you don’t agree that these are the best sunglasses you’ve ever experienced, please return them within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.  We also provide a lifetime replacement guarantee against manufacturing defects, we’ll replace a scratched lense for you within 90 days, and if your chosen framestyle doesn’t look great on you, we’ll gladly exchange them.

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Need Prescription Lenses?

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Need Prescription Lenses?

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About Flying Eyes

“Classic aviator sunglasses are one of the iconic symbols that defines a pilot,” said Dean Siracusa, President and Founder of Flying Eyes. “Well, they used to.”

Even though aviator sunglasses look stylish, and maintain that persona, most pilots will tell you that wearing a modern headset with traditional aviators can become extremely painful.

So, why is there a disconnect between a pilot’s gear and their iconic eyewear?

Aviator style sunglasses were designed in the 1930s, and it wasn’t until the 1970s that pilots began wearing headsets designed to block out ambient flight noise. Today’s modern headsets are engineered for a very specific purpose. Wearing “regular” aviators or other common sunglasses with an active noise reduction headset creates discomfort, and prevents proper function.

Flying Eyes was founded to design and engineer the world’s lightest, most comfortable aviator sunglasses. By redesigning the temples, the “sticks” that traditionally have rested on your ears, Flying Eyes has created eyewear with thin temples that improve fit and comfort while wearing noise-canceling headsets.

“Our temples are made from Resilamide™, a patented, flexible polymer originally designed for the aerospace industry,” said Siracusa. “The glasses fit perfectly with any helmet or headset, with minimal pressure or irritation to the sides of the head.”

With the success of Flying Eyes in the aviation community, Siracusa has brought his sunglasses into the motorcycle and motorsports niches with similar responses. Customers of Flying Eyes constantly say these are the most comfortable sunglasses they’ve experienced.

Today, Flying Eyes are sold throughout the world in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, and China.

With more people wearing over-ear headphones than ever before, Flying Eyes is in front of a very big shift in the sunglasses market, as more people look for comfort around their ears as much as protection for their eyes. In addition to the updated aviators, Flying Eyes continues to expand their frame styles with new innovations including updated beach frames, sport frames, readers, and protective wear.

Experience the Flying Eyes difference, and order your pair of the world’s most comfortable sunglasses to wear with a helmet or headset. Shop here, and check out our new line up of frame styles. Find yours, today!