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LewDix Aviation

LewDix is a CFI/CFII and ATP rated pilot whose goal is to be the best at what he does, and have a lot of fun along the way. Lew thoroughly enjoys flying and instructing, which is why his videos are where you will find the most fun filled aviation content on YouTube.

Josh Flowers | Aviation 101

Aviation and filmmaking run deep for Josh - he bounces between being a pilot that happens to make films, or a filmmaker who happens to be a pilot. Regardless, here he shares his aviation experiences with his audience through the lens of a camera.

Dan Millican | Taking Off

Dan Millican is a well-known figure in the aviation community, thanks to his popular YouTube channel that covers breaking aviation news, interviews with industry professionals, and other aviation-related content. With his passion for aviation and his ability to connect with his audience, Dan has become a trusted voice in the aviation community.

Micah Muzio

Micah Muzio is a multi-talented helicopter pilot, YouTube content creator, and often referred to as "the KBB car guy". He has a passion for cars and aviation, which he showcases in his videos on YouTube. On his YouTube channel, Micah combines his passion for cars and aviation, creating unique content that appeals to a broad audience. He creates videos that range from car reviews to aviation-related content, such as helicopter flights and airshows.

Steve Henry

Steve Henry is a highly accomplished veteran pilot and world-class STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) competitor. Steve has become well-known in the aviation community for his impressive skills in STOL competitions, where he has won numerous awards and championships. He is particularly known for his skill in the backcountry, where he can land in extremely tight spaces and on difficult terrain.

Bruno Brasileiro | @Fly_With_Bruno

Bruno Brasileiro is a rising star in the aviation community, known for his captivating Instagram account where he shares his passion for aviation. Bruno's eye for detail and his ability to capture the beauty of aviation have made him a sought-after content creator in the community, and he is quickly becoming a household name among aviation enthusiasts on Instagram.

Lali | @anti_parallali

Lali is a vibrant and unconventional motorcycle content creator on both YouTube and Instagram. Her personality shines through in her videos and photos, where she shares her love of all things motorcycles in a fun and lighthearted way. With her quirky sense of humor and infectious energy, Lali has amassed a loyal following of motorcycle enthusiasts who appreciate her unique approach to the subject.

Spite | @Spites_Corner

Spite, from Spite's Corner, is a fast-growing motorcycle content creator and YouTuber. His videos cover a wide range of topics related to motorcycles, including gear reviews, ride-alongs, and motorcycle news. As his channel continues to grow, Spite remains committed to his love of motorcycles and his dedication to sharing that passion with his audience.

Nic Silva | @PilotNics

Commercial pilot, CFI, and comedy connoisseur Nic Silva has a knack for entertaining the aviation community with double takes and the cheesiest of puns. Showcasing his journey to an ever-growing audience of flying enthusiasts, Nic's aims to use his perspective to connect the larger aviation community while inspiring the next generation of pilots.

Chelsea Smith | @HighMaintenance_Chels

Found either tinkering with an odd-sounding engine or traversing entire continents as an air nomad, Chelsea is an A&P mechanic teaching aviators about common aircraft maintenance issues. Chelsea's eye for detail and passion for storytelling has lead to an engaged community of pilots interested in learning about the work that goes into aircraft repairs.

Carolyn | @DoodleOnAMotorcycle

Quitting office life in 2021, Carolyn, AKA "Doodle", has dedicated her time all towards the moto-life, one skill and roadtrip at a time. Doodles dedication to practicing technique and exploration of one-of-a-kind locations is complimented by her kind, welcoming spirit.

Jess | @her.two.wheels

Cruising across America, Jess brings you along her lighthearted adventures and reviews with energy similar to catching up with an old friend. A contagious laugh and two wheels is all it takes to have a good time.


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