Prescription Glasses

Your vision is your most important asset in the cockpit or on the road. And, we want all adventure enthusiasts to be able to perform at their best, whether they have 20/20 vision or not.

All Flying Eyes are prescription compatible! For optimum clarity and safety, we recommend asking your optician to use Trivex® – an exceptionally clear, lightweight, and impact-resistant material – or High Index lenses as perfect lens complements to your Flying Eyes.

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Prescription FAQs Buying From Your Local Retailer Buying Online

Prescription FAQs

Can Flying Eyes Sunglasses include progressive and/or prescription lenses?

All Flying Eyes eyewear currently available are prescription compatible! You can purchase our eyewear from our online store or one of our retailers and take them to your own optician to add your prescription lenses. You can find retailers and eye care professionals that carry our unique line of eyewear here.

Do you have photochromic lenses?

We do not offer specialized lenses in-house, but since our frames are compatible with any prescription, you can get photochromic lenses added to your Flying Eyes via your preferred optician.

Tell me more about your Prescription Lenses. What are they made of?

There are many different types of materials available for prescription lenses. We recommend Trivex® for all standard prescriptions and Hi-Index lenses for stronger prescriptions. Trivex® offers the same impact resistance to Polycarbonate but offers optical clarity similar to mineral glass. And, Hi-Index lenses allow for stronger prescriptions without making the lenses too thick or heavy.

Trivex is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.

Can you do prescription lenses in house?

Yes! Putting prescription lenses into sunglass frames is complicated since the lenses have many curves to them. Because of this it requires additional measurements that must be done while wearing the glasses. It’s for this reason that it’s much easier to have a local optician manage the entire process. That said, we do offer prescription lenses for those who can't have it done locally or would prefer to do it online.

Do you sell the frames by themselves so I can just get prescription lenses added?

We do not sell frames without lenses. Even if you need a prescription, your optician will need the stock lenses on hand in order to correctly manufacture the curvature, size, and shape of your prescription lenses.

Can I get prescription lenses from Flying Eyes if I'm not in the US?

At this time, we do not offer our prescription lens services to our international customers due to the high shipping cost and long shipping times associated with the order. If you want to get Rx lenses in Flying Eyes frames, you can purchase the frame with the lens tint that you want your eye doctor to replicate (or for the Eyeglasses, select "None for Local Rx"), and you can bring the frame to your local optician to make the lenses for you!

Can I use an FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or HSA (Health Savings Account) card on your website?

Possibly! Your card should work if there are enough funds available, but it does vary. However, our partnered opticians should be able to accept that type of payment (you can use our Optician Locator Map to find one closest to you). If you don't have one near you or would rather purchase online, Contact Us and we can send you an invoice via PayPal for your order instead!

Can I use my insurance to purchase prescription Flying Eyes?

Yes! With our partner, Binkey, we can take insurance on our website so you can get reimbursed for your purchase! When you check out, please make sure that you see the product "Complimentary Vision Insurance Claim Filing Service" in your cart. Once you complete check out on our website, you will get an email with a code that will prompt you to go to Binkey's website and start filing your claim. You have 1 month to complete the quick claim process, and they will be in contact with your insurance to reimburse you for your purchase of Flying Eyes. Additionally, we're happy to sell to any optical practice in the US and have partnered practices across the country if you would prefer to use your insurance in person. Look here to see if you have a partnered practice near you, or have your doctor reach out to us to purchase a pair for you as a B2B sale. That way they can process that insurance claim for you directly with your provider.

Can I get a Prescription Lined Bifocal in a Golden Eagle Sport?

Usually, yes! There may be a time where we can't do a lined bifocal, and that's something we would only be able to find out once we submit your prescription to the lens lab. If your prescription doesn't work with a lined bifocal in the lens material we prefer to use, our prescription manager will contact you with options on how to move forward. (Note: if our prescription manager does have to reach out, the prescription process will be prolonged.)

Buying From Your Local Retailer

This is by no means a comprehensive list of opticians that can do this. Ask your preferred optician if they can make curved lenses! We continue to expand our network of eye care professionals that offer Flying Eyes prescription lenses.

Getting Prescription Lenses Made for Flying Eyes Frames

If you don't have one of the above opticians near you, or you'd prefer to use another optician, this is generally the process for having your prescription filled for our frames:

1. Contact the optician you'd like to use and confirm that they can make curved lenses for sunglass frames. (Golden Eagle Sports and Hawk Convertibles have a base 8 curve lens. Kestrel Aviator, Cooper Aviator, Osprey, and Kingfisher use a base 6 curve. Athene, Luzon, Noctua, Otus, Narrow Ninox, and Ninox use a base 4 curve.) We strongly recommend Trivex lenses for the clarity, impact resistance, and minimal distortion.

2. Once you've located an optician whose lab can make appropriately curved lenses, purchase the style you'd like from our website (or from one of our Retailers).

3. Take the glasses into the optician and have them confirm your pupillary distance and the fitting/segment height for the frame (this is the distance between the bottom of the lens and your pupil).

4. The optician will send your measurements, prescription, and the frame to their lens lab to have your lenses made in the correct shape and size. Either the lab or your optician will fit them into the frame, and you'll be contacted to pick up your new glasses!

Contact Us if you have any trouble or need any help during this process. Alternatively, your optician can contact us by phone (512-213-2390) or email ( if they have any questions.If you are a pilot and want an eye care professional who understands your unique vision needs, check out to find a listing of eye care professionals who are also pilots. These practices do not carry our products, but they have a pilot on staff (or did at the time of being added to this list).

Buying Online

Flying Eyes is excited to announce that we can now fill prescription lenses for US customers! While we will always recommend you have them done locally to save on time and cost, we understand that that's not always an option, and that's where we come in! We do not accept insurance, so if you're needing to use vision benefits, check out the map of partnered opticians above and follow the step-by-step guide below to having your prescription done locally (if you don't have a partner near you).

Prescription lens orders are final. If you're dissatisfied with the frame, we're happy to issue a partial refund for that frame return. We cannot refund prescription lenses, though if there's something wrong with your lenses when they arrive, please let us know within 30 days so we can fix them for you. Please note: While our lab is great at handling strong prescriptions, especially in high-wrap frames, diopters greater than +/- 3.00 may take longer than normal due to the complex nature of making an undistorted lens for a wrapped (sunglass) frame.

How It Works:

1. Find a frame style you like! If you’d like to try different ones- check out our Try-On Kits! Once you know which frame style you’d like, select the frame color you’d like, and select ‘Flying Eyes Rx’ for the lens option. You’ll then click the purple “Add Prescription Lenses” button.

2. You’ll then select the type of prescription you’d need. Currently, we do Single Vision, Lined Bifocal, and Progressive Bifocal.

3. You can now either Upload your Prescription to us, or email it to us later.

If you decide to email us later, please email us at Include your first name, last name, and order number in the subject line so we can tie everything together on our end! :) Please do not send us your original prescription. If you need to send a physical copy, please be sure you have a backup. An email or form entry guarantees your prescription does not get lost.

4. You can now choose/pick the tint of your lenses! You can get clear lenses, or if you want prescription sunglasses you can pick your lens tint! If you're getting a Clip-On in addition to your prescription frames, make sure that you choose 'Clear'. Prices will change depending on the tint of the lenses.

5. Review your options! You should now see your frame and lens choices. Please double check to make sure everything has been filled out correctly. You can now add your purchase to your cart!

6. Do you have your prescription lenses and frames in your cart? If so, you’re now ready to check out! If you picked a frame that has Clip-On options (Athene, Luzon, Otus, and Noctua) you can now add them to your cart and you'll receive 75% off all of your Clip-Ons!

If you're using a discount code from our affiliates it will only apply to the frames, not the prescription lenses.

7. Once you have made your purchase, we will immediately send you your chosen frames with clear, plastic "demo" lenses installed. When they arrive, adjust them on your face where they'll sit and stay comfortably then follow the instructions on the included pamphlet to mark your pupils. It's best to have someone else do this while you look into the distance, but you can do it yourself in front of a mirror. (TIP: Focus on something "past" the mirror or person helping you to ensure your pupils are aligned correctly, as this will affect the usefulness of your prescription.)

Fun Fact: While your prescription might have your PD (pupillary distance) and OC (ocular height) information, we will need your measurements in the frame you pick. Different frames will sit higher/lower, and if these numbers aren’t accurate, your prescription won't align correctly.

8. Once you've marked your pupils, use the included return shipping label to send them back to us. And now the waiting begins!

9. We will measure your pupil distance and ocular height when they arrive back at our headquarters and order your lenses right away. The rest of the process takes approximately 2-4 weeks once we receive your marked lenses. We'll keep you updated via email. :)

If you are not in the USA and you're interested in having us make your lenses, please contact us so we can discuss your options!

Contact Us if you have any questions about this process or if you have a special request for your order.