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After a century of advances in aviation, it was time for an upgrade to eyewear. Learn how Flying Eyes were designed by pilots for pilots with safety and comfort in mind.
Founded and engineered BY pilots FOR pilots.

As headset technology improved, the ear cups on those headsets got tighter and tighter to passively reduce noise. As those cups got tighter, pilots and other headset-wearers began noticing that the rigid frames of their sunglasses were doing two pretty unfortunate things:

1.) Pressure from the clamping springs on the headset was creating leverage on those rigid temples, causing pain and discomfort for people who simply can't risk flying without UV protection for their eyes. (All of our lenses have 100% UV protection without using polarization - though you can choose polarized if you'd like.)

2.) The gap formed between the cup and the wearer's head by the frames were allowing noise leaks that ruined the purpose of the tight-fitting cups. 

The founder of Flying Eyes tried many brands of sunglasses to find ones that were comfortable, effective at reducing noise leaks, and actually protected his eyes. Why was that so difficult? He figured if it didn't exist, he could make it exist, and - voila! - Flying Eyes Optics was born. 

But We Couldn't Stop There.

It didn't take long to realize that the same things that make Flying Eyes great for pilots were needed for other activities. We discovered that motorcyclists (and other people who need to wear full helmets) weren't wearing sunglasses at all because they couldn't find any that would fit comfortably inside their helmet. That's so dangerous for your eyes! The next iteration of Flying Eyes made sure to cater to headset- and helmet-wearers alike. Our glasses fit perfectly inside of most motorcycle helmets and allow riders to block 100% of UV rays without sacrificing the custom fit of their helmet. Recently, with the addition of our ophthalmic line, we can finally service gamers who have long had to take breaks between matches to massage their temples.

What Makes Us Different?

Our temples are made of a super-flexible, extremely lightweight patented material that allows the temples to conform to your head instead of curving around your ears. They're easy to put on and take off while wearing a headset or helmet. The flexibility of the temple material and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses means these glasses are very hard to break (seriously, you practically have to try). I mean, look at this flexibility. 

So What?

Yes, they feel great. Yes, they hold up in the most extreme circumstances. (Read THIS ARTICLE about a pilot who claims our glasses saved his family's life.) We haven't even mentioned yet that there are a bunch of frame styles and lens options to make you look cool WHILE staying safe. 

The Flying Eyes Team

Meet the crew that steers Flying Eyes to higher altitudes!

Dean Siracusa

CEO & Founder

Robert Greene

Robert Greene

Sales Manager

Sienna Velasco

Customer Support Manager

Carley Garrett

Finance Manager

Kash Ratliff

Warehouse Manager

Steve Garcia

Fulfillment Lead

Alex Laskey

Social Media Coordinator

Kelsie Gonzales

Customer Support Partner

Gary Turman

Fulfillment Specialist

Chris Hinojosa

Lens Cutting Specialist

Reggie DeLeon

Customer Support Partner


March 2023
March 28-Apr 3
Lakeland, Florida
SUN 'n FUN Aerospace Expo
Sun ’n Fun Aerospace Expo is a nonprofit organization in Lakeland, Florida dedicated to the promotion of aviation education. Booth #NE-40
April 2023
April 14-April 16
Austin, Texas
The same super-thin temples that make Flying Eyes great for aviation mean they're also perfect for wearing inside a motorcycling helmet! Join us at our first appearance at MotoGP in our hometown of Austin! Located in the Support Paddock.
July 2023
July 24-July 30
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Airventure 2023
Join us at EAA Airventure, the world’s greatest aviation celebration, and for the nearly 700,000 aviation enthusiasts who attend the event, AirVenture is Oshkosh. Booth #422

Meet and Greet Schedule

September 2023
September 13-September 17
Reno, Nevada
Reno Air Races
Join us for our second year at the Reno Air Races, and possibly the last year at the Reno Stead Airport! It's an exhilarating week of racing you don't want to miss.

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