All Flying Eyes eyewear is non-polarized by default (though there are options for polarized lenses) to aid in the visibility of instrument panels and other aircraft/vehicles without sacrificing UV protection. All of our lenses block 100% of UV light, even the clear and yellow tints. 

Our frames are all prescription compatible! Any optician who uses a lens lab that can make curved lenses can insert your prescription lenses into our frames. We recommended you order clear lenses, and that lab will use those lenses to make sure they've got the right size and shape. The opticians on THIS page have worked with our glasses before, so we know they understand how, but most opticians should be able to do that for you! Contact us if you need help. 

We expect you'll love them, but if you're not completely satisfied we offer a money-back guarantee on all returns along with free exchanges, no questions asked. All products come with a manufacturer warranty that can be upgraded by registering your product after purchase HERE.

Contact Us if you have any questions about which frames you should choose, or check out our Recommendations page to see our recommended frame/lens combination for different activity types (aviation, motorcycling and motorsports, and outdoor/adventure).

Use this sizing chart to choose a style appropriate for your head size.


Golden Eagle Sport
ANSI Z87 safety rated

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Kestrel Aviator

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