Prescription Lenses

All Flying Eyes sunglasses are prescription compatible.
Any optician with a lens lab that can handle curved lenses can make prescription lenses for you that will fit in our frames. 


Your vision is your most important asset in the cockpit or on the road. And, we want all adventure enthusiasts to be able to perform at their best, whether they have 20/20 vision or not. That’s why we’ve partnered with several opticians across the US who can provide Flying Eyes with prescription lenses.

 For optimum clarity and safety, we recommend asking your optician to use Trivex lenses – an exceptionally clear, lightweight, and impact-resistant material – a perfect complement lens to your Flying Eyes.

Scroll down to find an eye doctor near you that we know can put your prescription into our glasses.

Eye Care Professionals that carry Flying Eyes

We continue to expand our network of eye care professionals that offer Flying Eyes prescription lenses. However, if you don’t find an eye care professional or optician listed near you, let us know through our “Contact Us” page.

If you are a pilot and want an eye care professional who understands your unique vision needs, check out to find a listing of eye care professionals who are also pilots.

If you’re a retailer, interested in learning more about Flying Eyes, please call us at 512-213-2390.