What is Spite's Corner's real name? Behind the Lenses

Jake riding on the back roads of the Texas hill country on his Moto Guzzi

Who is "Spite's Corner"?

If you have ever been curious about a new bike, you may have found yourself flying down the backroads of the Texas hill country from the 1st-person perspective provided by Spite’s helmet camera. His down-to-earth delivery draws you in while his love for motorcycles shines through every second of watch time to earn a fan.

Spite’s Corner is a rising YouTube channel helmed by Jake Edwards. Thousands of viewers tune in to get a taste of the latest bikes to hit the road, learn about biker success tips, and listen to Spite’s passionate conversations about the motorcyclist community. Jake’s videos inform and entertain curious bikers, but who is the man running the show?

Watch our full interview with Spite here on the Flying Eyes YouTube channel!

Jake wearing Flying Eyes Osprey sunglasses with mirrored purple lenses under his helmet

How Jake got started

Many fans first came to know Jake as a beloved personality on the wildly successful YouTube channel, Yammie Noob. Before that chapter, Jake was a recent graduate collecting money-saving strategies following a move from Wisconsin to the center of the Lone Star State: Austin, Texas. It was a no-brainer to halve his parking bill with the acquiescence of a Harley Street Glide 750, Jake’s first bike and the beginning to his adventures on two wheels.

Jake wove his fresh filmmaking degree and newfound love of motorcycles into a young Spite’s Corner, a channel for Jake to explore the business side of YouTube content creation that had interested him for years. Yammie Noob arrived in Austin soon after and needed help transitioning production to a new city. Jake jumped at the opportunity by submitting a test edit for Yammie Noob’s review. His work exceeded expectations, and Jake was welcomed to the team where he blossomed from a behind-the-scenes crew member to becoming a regular on-screen talent. Jake credits Yammie Noob’s busy pace with his rapid development as a production manager and content creator.

The two split in late 2022, and Jake returned to his solo channel. The return of Spite’s Corner came with immediate hype thanks to supporters who had become familiar with Jake at Yammie Noob. Over a year later, Jake thinks his success has come about by “blind, dumb luck.” He plans to parlay his luck as much as possible to continue his career, which he thinks of as just goofing around with motorcycles.

Inspiration from and for the community

Community is at the heart of Jake’s journey. An avid race fan, Jake tunes into MotoAmerica and MotoGP whenever he gets a chance and takes inspiration from professional form for his riding technique. His YouTube technique mixes styles and ideas from a plethora of integral creators like the team at RevZilla, the minds behind FortNine, and in general, anybody who is “better than [Spite].” In his experience, looking to others for ego-free inspiration provides the best learning opportunities.

Jake riding ADV in the desert
For anybody interested in joining the motorcycle community, becoming a better rider or learning how to ride in general, Spite advises to attend Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses in your area. Any course you explore should place you on the back of a full-sized bike to get you accustomed to the scale of a motorcycle. Spite’s peers on YouTube create countless educational videos to lean on, and local bike meets may be intimidating, but Spite’s personal experience leads him to identify most bikers as nerds at heart who would jump at the chance to talk bikes, bikes, and bikes to anyone with an ear.

Those who have not satiated their desire to talk motorcycles may need to pursue filmmaking in hopes of crafting a channel to do it for a living. It is a strategy that continues to pay off for Spite who is excited to keep at it as long as his "luck" allows.

Watch our full interview with Spite here on the Flying Eyes YouTube channel!

Fans can come meet Jake/Spite at MotoGP at Circuit of the Americas April 13th from 1:00pm to 2:30 pm at the Flying Eyes booth located in the support paddock.