Crystalline Frames Revealed for Adventure & Aviation Eyewear

Translucent eyewear frames in clear and brown finish options

[Austin, May 23] - Flying Eyes is thrilled to officially release all-new transparent finishes: Clear & Brown, available in Ninox styles. Flying Eyes are the clear solution for elevating eyewear-headgear function for pilots, motorcyclists, and headgear-dependent enthusiasts. Eyewear designed to cater to your mission should also be crafted to complement your style on the move.


Soar with cloud-like, Clear Ninox glasses and fly in bliss, or savor rides with honey-tinted, Brown Ninox shades. Customizable and all-encompassing, Flying Eyes are prescription-compatible and available with over 14 tinted lens options. Find your best fit between two Ninox sizes, the narrow and standard. If you wear prescription glasses, our ophthalmic frames, including the Ninox, are magnetic for convenient clip-on shades wherever you travel.


Translucent eyewear is fantastic for any occasion or outfit due to the ability to blend with surrounding accessories. Complement any skin tone or hair color with flattering ease. Transparent frames are the way to go for those seeking a balanced style that doesn’t hide your face.

Flying Eyes aim to augment diverse, passionate lifestyles. We hope to not only heighten the experiences of adventurers but to highlight the spirit within. Each addition to our lens and frame varieties provides fresh combinations to showcase who you are while each action proves it. Reveal the real you in unparalleled comfort.