Sunglasses Try-On Kits
Sunglasses Try-On Kits
Sunglasses Try-On Kits
Sunglasses Try-On Kits
Sunglasses Try-On Kits
Sunglasses Try-On Kits
Sunglasses Try-On Kits
Sunglasses Try-On Kits

Sunglasses Try-On Kits

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We understand that buying glasses online is a risk, so we've provided this try-on kit option for US customers who are unable to visit one of our retailers with the entire catalog in stock!

The charge for this item is non-refundable once your try-on box has been shipped.

All sunglasses will come in Matte Black with Gradient Gray lenses (our standard recommended lens). If you'd like to try a different frame or lens color, please include which ones in your Order Comments at checkout or let us know.

Best Sellers Kit: Kestrel Aviator, Osprey, Luzon, Golden Eagle Sport
Duos Kit: Kestrel Aviator, Cooper Aviator, Osprey, Kingfisher
Narrow Sunglasses Kit: Narrow Golden Eagle Sport, Narrow Ninox, Osprey, Kestrel Aviator
Standard Sunglasses Kit: Kestrel Aviator, Ninox, Otus, Golden Eagle Sport
Wide Sunglasses Kit: Cooper Aviator, Luzon, Kingfisher, Golden Eagle Sport
Rectangular Kit: Otus, Luzon, Osprey, Kingfisher
Wide Eyeglasses Kit: Luzon, Noctua, Otus, Ninox
Narrow Eyeglasses Kit: Athene, Noctua, Otus, Narrow Ninox

If you'd like to have prescription lenses made, please order the Prescription Sunglasses Try-On kit instead.

  • You will have one week once the shipment is marked as delivered to try them on and send all four pairs back. Try-on boxes not in shipment after one week may result in your card or PayPal account being charged the full value of the kit.
  • Use the enclosed return shipping label to send all four of the try-on pairs back to us. If you decide to buy, you'll get a brand new pair and the included kit (zippered hard case, microfiber bag/cloth for storage and cleaning, an informational card, and a Flying Eyes sticker).
  • You will receive a discount code for the amount you paid for the kit (shipping price not included) after your purchase is complete to the email address provided at checkout

One(1) Try-On Kit per customer at a time. If you order more than One(1) Try-On Kit, subsequent kits will be shipped after the first one returns back to our office.

Your final purchase will not be shipped until your last returned kit has been received to ensure all try-on pairs are accounted for.

**Unfortunately we cannot ship try-on kits to non-US addresses due to the high cost of shipping, both in postage and customs fees. We're very sorry for the inconvenience. Please use our Find A Store page to see if there is an international retailer near you where you can try on pairs!**


Shipping paid for Try-On Kits covers shipping to you, as well as a return label for you to return your kit to us.

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